• Ling Ming

Freedom Is In Every Present Moment

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The cultivation of our internal universe, the refinement of our pure consciousness in daily life is highest practice. A pure inward-directed mind and a pure heart allow us to naturally merge with Dao and live up to the laws of life and nature of the universe in harmony.

The student asks his Master: Master, what do I do, if life upsets me and I get very worried?

Master: When you get upset and worried, call yourself by your name and answer. In this very present moment, as soon as you do that, it works.

Call your name and answer immediately, like when you are focused on something and someone suddenly shouts your name and you reply “yes?” or “hmm?”. It is breaking the chatter of your mind, the river of your thoughts and pull you back in the present moment, which is the only moment that truly exists.

Many people don’t know this technique, nor have they developed such skillful habits. They are not able to sense themselves, not able to connect to their true self.

Practice this technique carefully and often, and it will become a treasured skill.

You’ll become mature and after you became mature, the practice will open your heart. In the end, it will be a natural habit. As long as you are not familiar with this technique, you are not in the right state and nothing will happen. If it doesn’t become natural, you’ll never catch the answer. Practice often and intently, and you’ll be rewarded.

In fact, there are so many guidance about practicing and treasuring the inner alchemy, but at the end, it’s all about the present moment and the true self.

The greatest truths are the simplest.

Simplicity, patience and compassion are your greatest treasures. The way to simplicity is not the way of talking nor the way of focussing outwardly, yet it is all about being simple in actions and thoughts, as this is how you will return to the source of being.

You don’t need anything else, no other methods. They are all just tools. When you call your name and answer wholeheartedly, the state in which you’re, this is the essence, this is the answer.

Some people understand when they are told, because they already know, how to draw their attention inwardly. But many people believe, the outside is more real and only focus on the outside; they don’t understand.

Student: I think I understood when I was listening, but it does not work when I try.

Master: No, that means it’s still unfamiliar to you. Continue and practice in the right state. As I said, answer when you are calling your name, and you’ll get to the essence of the present moment. Remember, the greatest truths are the simplest!

Just listen to these words, over and over again.