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Are we really free?

Are we really free? Following this question, please listen to your heart and ask yourself gently: Am I really free? Please seriously experience the current inner feelings that arise with this question.

Do you always feel unsatisfied? Do you want to be free, but the reality is not as good as you want? Do you hold onto grudges? Do you keep recalling a past event and the negative emotions associated with it.? Do you have a lot of things you can't understand? How do you deal with not getting your own way? Are you always tense and under constant pressure? Are you trying to live like yourself, but you always find yourself pleasing others? How can you be free when you experience this kind of dilemma? What exactly is freedom? How can you be free?

When we were walking, a sign in front of us said: STOP! PRIVATE! How does it feel?

When you want to be a part of your children’s or your lover’s world, but their eyes are full of boredom and rejection, do you feel restricted or comfortable in your heart?

Everyone is experiencing this unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic. Why do some people refuse to wear masks, gather in crowds, and march for their own freedom of breathing and movement, while disregarding the safety of others?

When you turn on the TV, you see the escalation into war due to differences in religious beliefs. It is clear that all religions point to truth, goodness, and freedom. Why should we fight against others in order to prove and maintain the correctness and freedom of "my faith"?

Is this the freedom we strive for?

We clearly desire true love, freedom and to be understood and accepted, so why are there restrictions everywhere? Even the most intimate relationships are blocked by invisible limits. In the end, everyone has imprisoned themselves on an isolated island, helpless, lonely and fearful... what is the freedom we are after?

In fact, all of these are tricks of the "self". We live in a world centered on "self", the world we call EGO. This world has been constantly trained and strengthened since childhood. "I", "my thoughts" and "my feelings" are the most important. The extension is that everything about "me" is the most important... When everyone has grown up with this education, what is the result? Everyone thinks that they are the most important, and they must be the focus in their work, their group and their family, and others must respect and accept everything about them. If they are not respected, or even questioned, opposition will arise. From here mutual restriction and control will develop, and contradictions will escalate into hatred and struggle. The behaviour of individuals to the actions of entire nations are manifestations of EGO.

There is no freedom in the EGO world! The freedom of EGO leads to restrictions for others! If you think you feel freedom in this world, it is a conditional freedom, that is, you must meet certain conditions to get a relatively limited freedom. This is not true freedom.

The truth is that the world is infinite. There is no so-called "center". Although everyone is unique, they are completely equal. No one is the more important. It's like cells in a body, with different functions but completely equal. So when we are molded in the factory which manufactures and trains the EGO, we are starting from the wrong place. How can we get real freedom?

There is no freedom in the EGO world! Because this is a world full of discrimination, opposition and boundaries. In the "REBORN" course, we explained in detail the operating system of the EGO world, how we limit our infinite potential, how we develop flawed beliefs and moral codes, how we judge good and bad, beauty and evil and thereby create division and opposition. We also showed a strong and solid EGO control chain, from the establishment of your outlook on life to your values, everything is related to self. This means the EGO doesn’t just limit our potential, it shackles us to limitations. It is so fixed that it cannot be shaken. Questioning and shaking are provocations and declarations of war on the EGO world. Imagine such a system with a strong desire for control, where there are restrictions, boundaries and obstacles everywhere. How can freedom be allowed?

If the events conform to EGO, you will feel free, otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and emotional. The uncomfortable and unsatisfactory thinking will cause the QI and blood of the whole body to be blocked, and then the pain will follow. Where does freedom come from the suffering of both body and mind?

True freedom must be unconditional and unlimited.

When you recognize and experience the truth and reality of the universe and life, you will naturally escape the limitation of EGO. The universe and all things are one with you, empathizing and equal. Naturally you follow the law, you are the free world. This is absolute freedom, the freedom that is in harmony with the nature of human!

You will become your true self, without having to prove to others, and to beg to be loved and accepted. You will respect and accept others as you respect and accept your complete self. You will understand the reasons why everything happens, so you allow for all results. No hatred and confusion, you will think that everything is the best arrangement. Saving in the trough, calming on the peak, everything comes from your unity and surrender with the universe.

The environment can limit the freedom of your body, but it cannot hinder your freedom of consciousness. Illness can temporarily stop your progress, but it cannot restrict the flow of your vitality and affect your inner clarity and joy...

This is true freedom!

Difficult to achieve? No, everything is under your feet. The clear drawings guide you to your inside, to start the journey home, to return to your inner real home and stay with the true self.

This is what our second series of courses-BREAKING FREE offers. It constantly unlocks the shackles that deeply imprison you, breaks through the cage of the EGO, releases you layer by layer and helps you to breathe free air!

Are you ready?