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Recognize the truth of disease and be the master of your life

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Viewing the reality of diseases from the perspective of energy-space from Hun Yuan new medicine

What is Hun Yuan Medicine?

This is a quite big topic, so at this time we can briefly introduce its two main features:

Firstly, Hun Yuan Medicine does not treat the person as an isolated individual, but as an integral part of the whole. Man, nature and society are a whole, and man's body and mind are also a whole. Based on this, one can not isolate the person's problems from the environment surrounding him. Similarly, the physical and psychological problems can not be seen as separate, but should be perceived as a whole.

Secondly, the essence of Hun Yuan Medicine is information-space-energy medicine, which focuses on the reality of space that the human eye can not see and the other senses can't touch. It is a delicate world composed of the special material "Qi" and it’s interconnected with everything.

Based on the above two characteristics, we begin to understand that Hun Yuan Medicine addresses people's problems from a larger world view. From the reality of energy-space, it helps people to remember and understand the law of life which is known as the Dao. They can then apply and master this law in their individual circumstances, thus becoming their own health manager and mastering a new healing modality.

What exactly is the disease?

How to understand disease from the perspective of energy-space of Hun Yuan Medicine.

1. Disease is a temporary state in which the circulation of energy-space (qi and blood) loses its original balance. This out-of-balance state is dynamic and changeable, which can be self-repaired and reversed in the process of energy-space vibrational change. Like a pendulum, sometimes it is swinging to the left and sometimes it is swinging to the right and when there is no artificially imposed influence, it will come back to the centre. In the same way, the body function is a part of the natural system and will automatically adjust.

2. Hun Yuan Medicine treats the essence of disease and the essence of life as the same. The essence of life is spatial energy body. From the energy point of view, disease is actually the same. Disease is also a spatial energy body (also qi), but the energy can't circulate well, the operation is blocked, and over a longer period of time leads to dysfunction. The reality of this space energy body is that it is constantly vibrating, circulating and changing.

How the conventional medicine treats diseases?

1. Conventional medicine treats disease as an isolated matter, ignoring the influence of many factors such as people's living environment and their physical and mental state in the evolution of the disease. Instead, they are paying more attention to the symptoms and manifestations of disease. Doctors consider the symptom, determine the name of the disease based on the results of various instruments and tests, combined with clinical experience. Their prescriptions address the symptoms of the disease. Although the purpose is to get rid of the disease, the treatment is limited because the focus is on the appearance without touching the reality of the disease. Abandoning reality to grasp appearance is actually illusion. Reality is changing all the time, but medicine is clinging to the shadow. How to really treat a disease?

Moreover, once many people are diagnosed with a specific disease, the information becomes fixed, which is difficult to change or possibly irreversible. That's why a large number of diseases need lifelong medication, because the consensus is that they can't be cured. They can only be managed by taking medication, and the best case scenario is to delay deterioration. (such as hypertension, arthritis, asthma, etc.)

2. Conventional medicine only pays attention to the tangible body level, and diseases also are only problematic at the body level. Therefore, the essence of conventional medicine is somatic and mechanical/anatomical. Because of the limitation of sensory cognition and the limitation of instruments and equipment, the "illness" of medical cognition is also quite limited. After the disease is confirmed, some doctors will warn you about the severity of the disease progression if it is not treated in time. This will bring great mental pressure to the patients and, at the same time, strengthen the information of the disease. From this point on, people will bear this heavy burden and fight with it all their lives. In truth, that which you're fighting against and is torturing you all the time is actually just a shadow, and you haven't touched the essence of the disease at all.

Hun Yuan Medicine can help you see the reality of disease, return to life, be your own health manager and master of your life. Want to know more?


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