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How can the "New Human Culture" helps us solve physical and mental problems in this special period?

As we all know, the environment on which we humans depend; soil, water, air, plants and animals, are all being destroyed by human ignorance and greed. Natural disasters occur frequently, such as fires, insects, droughts, floods and plagues... all kinds of phenomena are nature's punishment and warning to mankind.

If you incorrectly understand the relationship between man and nature and do not respect the laws of nature, mankind will suffer from its own actions and perish.

Let us look at the current state of human society. As large as the relationship between countries, between different ethnic groups, races, and religious beliefs, as small as between people, they are all full of conflicts, divisions and oppositions, hatred and suspicion, and frequent wars...

Regardless of whether it is the natural environment or the social environment, it is the external environment for people themselves. The external environment is actually the mirror of the human internal environment. What kind of internal environment will help the external environment? The current natural disasters and social chaos all reflect our own internal environmental pollution, chaos, and disease.

We can clearly see the disharmony within ourselves. Our hearts are full of picky and accusations about our bodies, "Why is this fat here!" "Why does this nasty stomach disease torment me!"...It's hard to find a moment of silence in our mind, and there are endless debates and quarrels.

The quarrel between intention and reality, between subconscious and apparent consciousness. Even for certain parts of yourself, there is a lot of hatred and rejection, "You are so weak!", "Nothing", "Can't you behave better?"......

How can a world full of contradictions, distortions, and conflicts create a harmonious and healthy inner and outer world? We have been busy creating diseases internally and troublemaking externally!

When we are sick, not only the body is sick, but the heart is sicker. Where is the root of the disease?

Because of ignorance. The ignorance and loss of self-life makes us unable to trust our own magical and mysterious life system. We helplessly seek medicine from outside and continue to destroy the inherent internal “doctor”! Due to ignorance, we misunderstand and misidentify the seemingly powerful EGO as the master. As a result, we lose the connection with our true self, and thus lose the source of all healing. Could you imagine that due to ignorance and wrong perception, you entrust our destiny to a blindfolded wild horse with serious limitations and misinformation, galloping further and further in the wrong direction…

In this critical period of transition of human destiny, in this special period of confusion and pain, this new culture of Qi encourages to lift the fog from around us, see through the truth, the truth of the essence of life, and clearly analyze people from the nature of cosmic energy. The reality of the relationship with nature and society. Connect with the TRUE SELF, rebuild a new system of self-life, unlock the true inner wisdom, and realize the beautiful vision of health, harmony, and start a life journey base on Oneness.

This new culture of human life will help you light up the dark and unknown inner world, give you a clear road map, and guide you out of a messy problem system. Everyone has the right to have the ability to support and control their own destiny, to have a truly happy and fulfilling life!

We firmly believe that the external world is the mirror of the internal world. The NEW HUMAN CULTURE teaches us to take back the power to change the external world, change ourselves, and harmonize ourselves. The world will tend to balance and harmony due to every change in "I". Because each of us is like the whole cell of society and nature, we are balanced, warm and healthy, and the world is also balanced, warm and harmonious.

Many countries, groups, and religious leaders, scientists want to solve all kinds of problems in the world, but what is different from the new culture is that they pay attention to problems, fall into problems, and create new problems... They resonate in the problem system, but magnify them.

The new culture is to see the essence of the problem, but not to fall into the problem. On the contrary, it is to take back the energy and power that have been overly concerned, and resonate in the true self world, resonating in the warm, peaceful, and joyful world.


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