Retreats and Workshops in Europe 2019

March 2019

March 30 – 31 | Lu’s weekend workshop – UK

April 2019

April 5-9 | Lu’s retreat in Sparsholt, the UK

April 14-18 | Lu’s retreat in Lake Garda, Italy – View info brochure (pdf)

April 24-28 | Lu’s workshop in Milan, Italy

May 2019

May 2-8 | Lu’s retreat in Stuttgart, Germany. More info:

May 10-12 | Lu’s workshop in Düsseldorf, Germany. Topic: What is the reality of emotions, how to free from the controlling of emotions. More info via this link.

May 14-19 | Lu’s retreat in Frankfurt, Germany –  View info brochure (pdf)

August 2019

August 3-9 | Lu’s retreat in Besancon, France. More info:

August 12-19 | Lu’s retreat in Grenoble, France – The reality and management of emotions.

August 22-27 | Lu’s retreat in France – How to release your stress and get rid of  the attachments

August 31- September 2 | Lu’s workshop in Vienna, Austria.

September 2019

September 5-8 | Lu’s retreat in Belgium – more info

September 12-15 | Lu’s workshop in Meteren, Netherland

September 18-22 | Lu’s workshop in Amsterdam, Netherland – More info

For all the details about the workshops and retreats which you are interested in, please contact with teacher Ling via this contact form. She will send more information to you.