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Hello world!

During the year we travel often across the world (mainly Europe) to bring the wisdom and practice of Zhineng Qigong closer to you. The purpose of the new website is: (1) to provide a calendar with details about the workshops and retreats and (2) to share stories from our workshop participants.

The website is newly launched since March 2018. Fresh and abundant qi.

The merging of ideas from our minds with the technology and internet is still ongoing. New information will be added regularly. You can find all the updates on the News page.


Greetings from Ling and Lu!


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    Congratulations masters Ling and Liu!
    Hao La!
    I will be reading the news with joy an interest.

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    I am so passionate about the work you both do. It has helped to transform my life in many ways.

    We loved the workshops and retreats you held in NZ. It was a great benefit for many people

    • Wang Ling Ling

      Thank you my dear, welcome more your inner experience…

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    Congratulation Darling ! your Web Site is wonderful … like you !
    I hope to see you in September !!! All my love to you !

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    I love this congratulations I’ve been trying to email you guys and looking forward to meeting you if I can make it happen if that chi makes it happen.. Brian shiners has followed my story knows nothing about Brian shiners has followed my story knows nothing about Jeanannezhineng He’s diagnosed very young and very aggressive MSA/ALS/Parkinson’s disease but more aggressive than just park and I hope to get them to your retreat soon and maybe meet him as well as you

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    Dears Laoshis Ling and Lu ,my name is Fe ( Arunachala Shiva in facebook ) I am from Argentina. I am very happy about this web and yours vision about This New health cukture. i totally agree with you about the self power of the human being for self healing.
    I have just posted a in my fan\ce and have shared about your web and some words of Master Lu


    My text at the beggining of the post in english is:

    All my life I believed in the holographic concept of the self and in the mind-body connection. As a Jungian psychologist I began my research, study and practice of that interconnection. I studied and researched since 1990 the interconnection through ayurveda medicine, specifically the medicine of the chakras. In 1993 I did a master’s degree in Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology at the Favaloro Foundation Medical University in Buenos Aires, but the second year I left because I had more clinical results using the medicine of the chakras. Western science, by not considering the agglutinating factor of CONSCIOUSNESS, only remains in a descriptive aspect of interconnection. When I came across the zhineng I filled up my expectations and confirmed years of research. I fully support Master Lu and his wife, Master Ling, in this vision of Zhineng, and their mission to spread this knowledge as a New Science of Human Health based on Qi and Consciousness.”

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