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An in-depth introduction to the Holistic Hun Yuan Medicine

25 days in China


Learn the keys to start abilities of self-healing, create a harmonious new life.

This intensive course is available to all the practitioners who are working on the awakening of one’s Trueself , on experiencing “Oneness” and on Self-recovery. The course constitutes Level one of ” The New Human Culture & New Science of Qi” system education.

14th of Oct 2019 - 7th of Nov 2019 (25 days)

Qingcheng Mountains, Sichuan China


Organized by teachers Lu & Ling

what you will learn

Key Topics

Introduction to the New Harmonious Human Culture and the New Science of Qi

We compare and discuss the essential differences between the New and Old World

Discover your true self

We will take a top-down view of entire life culture, talk about ego vs. self-awareness: We analyze how to see through the “game” of our ego and better understand the pattern, role and power of our thoughts and we discuss how to sensitize and deepen the self-awareness, allowing self- knowledge of our true self to become experienced and to lay the foundation of a thorough life transformation (New World)

How to become a better healer

We improve our natural healing abilities and further develop our healing efficiency

Learn and practice various self-healing and healing techniques

We will discuss and train the following healing techniques:
1. How to free our subconscious from “negative memories”
2. How to use visualization to transform visible and invisible energy (Qi)
3. How to heal in a group and how to form a strong Qi field for healing purposes
4. How to dissolve blocked energy by opening, gathering and transforming internal and external energy (Qi)
5. How to deal with various Qi reactions
6. How to calm our “monkey minds” and how to reduce our compulsive thinking
7. How to practice Wu Wei meditation (do nothing meditation)

For Who

This intensive course is the base level of three levels class and is designed for:


Patients with physical diseases or psychological problems.

Please note: that we cannot accept patients with infectious diseases or persons who cannot take care of themselves.


Practitioners who would like to intensify and develop their self-healing power, who want to learn the New Medicine and its technologies, and who want to learn more about the New Harmonious Human Culture


Professionals with backgrounds in Western or Chinese Medicine, psychology, natural healing techniques or traditional/oriental health practice (qigong, yoga, etc.)

As this course builds the foundation of our higher education, we reserve the right to defer some of above topics to the next level class if we consider it as necessary. Your successful participation in this course will be a precondition for further attendance at level II and level III classes.

Please note that the number of seats is limited to 30 (first come, first served), so as to ensure the quality of the course.


Qingcheng Mountains, Sichuan, China

The retreat will take place in the beautiful mountains of the Sichuan province in China.


Most frequent questions and answers

The retreat will be held in Jie Zi old town, Qicheng Mountain, Chengdu City, China, from October 14th, 2019 until November 7th 2019(25 days)

Daily timetable 


07.00 – 08.30      

Morning practice – Wake-up and move the yang energy of the whole body, open the meridian channels, let the Qi and blood flow freely


08.30 Breakfast


10:00 – 13.00

Theory – Study of the above topics. Activate and open our consciousness, allowing for deep body and life transformation


Dynamic practice – Cultivate our Qi guided by our true self and pure consciousness; Open our physical body and all channels (meridians); Experience the body transformation by focusing our consciousness (where the mind goes the qi flows)


13:00 Lunch


15.00 – 18.00


Deepening and practical application of the new Hun Yuan Medicine – Participants practice on their own or guide a group of colleagues based on the theory learned; Group discussions


Healing – Healers train the new methods and abilities of healing


18.00 Dinner


19.30 – 20.30

Evening practice – Wu Wei meditation (do nothing meditation) and practice of Three Centers Merge Standing Form


22.00 Night’s rest

Payment Instructions


650 renminbi (CNY) per person and per day. The fee includes all meals, accommodation in a double-room and the course fee. If a single room is required, it will cost additional 100 renminbi per day. Travel costs are not included


To confirm your booking, please transfer a deposit of 3’000 renminbi (CNY) or the total amount up-front.

Payment Method

Cash or bank transfer in EUR or USD – please contact us for the bank account details.


Please use your personal bank account to transfer the money and remark “Learning Taiji” plus your full name in the payment reason field. If you use the bank account of a company or organization, we cannot receive the money and it will be returned to you.


Your registration will be complete when you are registered and made the deposit payment.

To confirm your booking, please transfer a deposit of 3000 RMB or the total price to our bank account.  You can pay the remaining amount when you arrive in China. Important: When making the bank transfer, please always use your personal bank account and write “learning taiji” and your full name as a reference in the money transfer form.

If you use the bank account of a company or organization to transfer the money, we will not receive it and it will be returned to you.

Yes, the best is that you get a tourist visa.

Your arrival and departure dates: Arrival on Oct 12 or 13, 2019 and departure on Nov 8 or 9, 2019

Join us in China

Your registration will be complete when you send us a message and made the deposit payment.