Photos & Stories from Recent Workshops


Lu and Ling are wonderful teachers! Many thanks!
“The wonderful photos from the Healing workshop will be a reminder of the joyful and empowering time with the teachers Lu and Ling and Zhineng Qigong community of Christchurch. Hunyuan Lingtong!”
Vida Watson
“What an incredible 2 days I spent with Master Lu and Master Ling. A wonderful couple and were so happy sharing their knowledge – with us all leaving very empowered with Chi. I will never forget what I experienced – thank you so much.”
Geraldine C Parkes
“What an amazing weekend it was, as this was my first I didn’t really know what to expect. For over 25 years I have had a lower back problem, which has resulted in x-rays, mri scan, injections, Chiropractic treatment to no avail. Getting out of bed in a morning was a struggle with lower back and hips in a great deal of pain. After the weekend, although still plagued with pain, I could do rolling down the spine with a little discomfort, nothing like I have had. Learning the fundamentals has been a great asset to me and will continue extending my chi field."
Julie Metcalfe