Simon’s Feedback – Healer Retreat 2019

Introduction by teacher Ling

Simon, this is one of the group which makes me very moved during this retreat. We know him a few years ago, he gave us a very deep impression. Others were learning, thinking… he was learning, thinking and doing! For Parkinson’s patients, there are so many layers that need to be transcended, and every layer looks so stiff and fixation, but he truly does!!!
I’m so glad to have his permission to published his feedback after this retreat, I think it’s meaningful for many people who’s working on Self development. Thank you Simon!

Simon’s Story

“Deeper and deeper. Layer by layer….this is my experience of the first level of new world healing. The content of the course felt comprehensive, cohesive and complete – the entirety connection and information revealing itself gradually during the month.

The course presentation by the teaching team was insightful, thought provoking, challenging and compassionate. The daily structure combining practice, lectures and meditation combined with rest and nutritious food was well considered. At all times I felt supported- even while being challenged both physically and mentally.”

“For much of my life, I have had a deep fear of failure, a feeling of being an impostor and not being good enough. I now know it is just another part of the story the ego tells us. I now know even though I am not perfect, I am good enough and deserve to be here. I was scared to do the exam, but after helping several people with the homework questions, I realised I knew enough and just relaxed and trusted all would be OK…. I even enjoyed the exams…..”

“I’ve listened to teacher Lu talk about- you are not your thoughts, illness or body and just to relax, separate, observe, penetrate and go beyond. I now know how this feels and I feel liberated. If I do this with a calm, stable and empty mind, the shaking in my right side stops. As soon as my thoughts (monkey mind) come back, I start to shake. If I then quiet my mind again and ask who is having these thoughts and why- shaking gradually stops. So this is proof – as Lu says – shaking no shaking, all the same.

Little by little I came to understand that pain is just a sensation/illusion and if I just trusted and surrendered to it, an opening and expansion may happen. As the weeks progressed the situation improved and I could feel the space opening up – especially in the Chen Bi/ pushing mountains.

In 3CM, initially it was also hard to relax, but when I did find the relaxation, wonderful things started happening to my body alignment as space opened in my joints.

I meditate at home most nights so the evening meditation was not too hard to adapt to. However being in a room of 30 other people was challenging to keep my stability. Throughout the weeks, the meditation became deeper and deeper. Eventually the restlessness from others did not bother me and the pain in my body became lighter as space opened up. I came to enjoy the sensation of going beyond the pain and feeling the lightness and expansion of mind, body and spirit.

On the excursion to backside Qingchen mountain, I broke my habit of researching the trip. I decided to be free flowing- not knowing how far the hike was, how high and how long. This really helped me to get up the mountain without worrying if I would make it or not. I joined up with Carina and Michaela and we just seemed to flow up the mountain as if joined by a thread- one step at a time. I’m very thankful for this experience as it shows me the possibilities that can happen by trusting and not over analysing.

In China it occurred to me that I have strong willpower but this had not been focused in a true self direction. I knew before I became ill that something was wrong or missing in my life- but I continued on this path- not knowing the alternative. It took a strong illness (Parkinson’s) to shake me literally and figuratively awake. I now try to live by: (1) relax, no force, only enjoy and (2) relax, empty and trust. Very powerful words from teacher Lu and a real gift!

There is so much more information from that wonderful month in China. Its going to take time to digest, understand and nurture the seeds – but I now know in my heart that all healing is self healing and anything is possible. What you think is what you get!”

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