Experience from the Silent Retreat in Germany

Teacher Lu and Ling were leading a ten-day silent retreat including Zhineng practice in October 2017 in Neukirchen, Germany. At the end of the retreat, each participant was asked write about his or her own experience and give some feedback to the teachers. Here is one of the participant’s story.


Silence in the middle of society.

A normal town and hotel, but an uncommon curriculum: silence and turning inward.

Thinking, learning and experiencing.

Laughing in silence at the breakfast table.

Fighting with my patterns of belief during practice periods.

I came here because I desperately needed a break. My heart, my inner knowing is guiding me on the right way. I hoped I would return home differently. But that seemed far away and I found out that thinking about next week or next month didn’t change much. I was reminded that my decisions could be made right here and now at this moment.

I am given the great opportunity, a great environment to develop myself and to look for answers.

Not out there, but inside the dark caves of myself.

Real change lies in a change of consciousness, a change of mind. That is true healing.

Silence breaks automatic unconscious patterns.

A true teacher guides you beyond your limited reference framework into the unknown. A true teacher points to your true self, instead of to him or herself.

Resistance is strong, an unwillingness to change, yet always a small light, a silent voice that is calling me. I don’t always listen, I ignore, I resist.

But the inner light keeps shining, lighting the path.

I can relax, everything is unfolding just right.


Would you also like to share your experience? Send your story and we can publish it on the website. Or feel free to write your comments in the blog.

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  1. Avatar

    My heart, full of gratitude, opens wide, love flows in all directions! This silent retreat was a life-changing experience for me. How precious to let go of the externally focused routines and go within. Within – without any need for usual contact with computers, phones, not even books, except for writing our own impressions. Silence, peace, light shines inwardly, illuminates dark areas with recognition and acceptance. Freedom. We learn so much from our dear Teachers. We learn that the way out of our old habits of thought and reaction is to go in. Looking for our true self. A life-long journey! But oh, the beautiful guidance of these two enlightened beings helps us infinitely on our paths. Hun Yuan Ling Tong! Heart to heart, always connected in the infinite qi field. Until we meet again in physical form – Xin Xiang Shi Cheng! Hao Le – with deep love, respect and gratitude.

  2. Wang Ling Ling

    Thank you, dear Ellen! Your great sharing brings me the impressive memory, deep stillness and peace… Love you!!

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