Feedback from Sanya healing retreat

Simon, the UK –” I have recently returned from the healing retreat in Sanya. 
It was a remarkable experience in a beautiful and nurturing environment. 

These are some of the things that became clear to me:- 

1-I am not my story. I created a persona to survive. That is not me. I have been listening to Lu’s lectures for 2 years- but this was the first time I touched the truth of this. HAOLA. 
2- Time to end my suffering. I have suffered enough already. Illness no longer serves me. It had a purpose to provoke change in my life but now is the time to heal. 
3-Time to truly love and forgive myself unconditionally.  When I do this- love will automatically flow to and from me to others 
4- Time to accept that it just is as it is and stop wasting energy. 
5-Time to laugh and have fun. I felt an incredible internal release and peace as I accessed my inner joy and I could smile truly inside and outside. 
6-Time to say NO if it does not help me. I realised that I have been distracting myself by helping others while ignoring my own true self. 

The above needs plenty of more work but the door is now open to follow the way to recovery and freedom. 
“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” Lao Tze”

Paola, Italy


There’s a lot of treasures inside, here,

and in the surroundings,

there’s a lot of things to discover

in this green enchanting Forest,

like a teacher standing still

focusing far away, along the path, one morning,

or the one engaged in a slow intense

squatting * during a pause, I noticed,

or the calm patience of taking us

gently, to an endless La Qi**,

or when in the early morning you

understand how to touch the sky

and then squatt down in a state of grace,

or when we expanded our mind to lectures

given with generosity,

or when comes the one of us who doesn’t sleep,

or the other who coughes out her soul***,

and the many warned up by a temporary fever,

the ones who never speak

and the others who never stop a

stream of words,

the learning healers and the healing ones,

all together in a cautious common research.

I heard the music of water and

of birds, the flowing windy bamboos

in the fresh new day,

and I gazed to the thick cloudy roof

of the mysterious tropical sky,

looking for stars, at night

which I found, instead, inside

in the happiest moments of my practice.

I already keep the experience and all of you

In my dancing heart:

we are so many but we are One,

a lot of treasures inside and

in the surroundings,

in this green enchanting Forest,

where we merge all together

in a unforgettable dance

with Universe.

Thank you all of you,

from the deep

of my dancing heart.

Paola Dall’Ora 12/12/18, Isola di Hainan, China”